LED Light - Beam™ 650W 120V

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power_cord_voltage: 120V
FloraFlex Beam™ The FloraFlex Beam™ is a high performance Full Spectrum LED grow light used in Horticulture Greenhouses as well as Indoor Cultivation Facilities. The state of the art heat dispensing design is made up of 1840 Samsung horticulture white /blue diodes, 80 Osram red diodes and a custom 650W ballast. Features a built-in dimmer, allowing you to dim the light down to 40% without affecting the quality of the spectrum. It also has external controllability with our Master Lighting Controller and allows up to 100 fixtures per channel, with an outstanding efficiency of 2.8 μmol/J. The Beam™ is DLC Certified and qualifies for energy efficiency rebates of up to 50% with your local power companies. Contact your local power company for more details on energy rebates. Features DLC Certified: Download the certification here. 1840 Samsung 301B Chips 80 Osram Red Chips 0-10V Controller Compatible AC M19 Waterproof Connections Adjustable Dimming Knob Variable Height Mounting Connected Ballast 47" L x 4.1" W